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Get ready Oregonians for Real ID starting October 2020!

You will need to upgrade your driver's license to a Real ID to use it for traveling when the new Real ID laws go into effect on October 1, 2020.  On that date, the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, begins requiring a new type of identification to board a commercial aircraft. The new ID must be compliant with something called the Real ID Act.

Oregon plans to start issuing real ID driver's  licenses as of July 6, 2020 but to fulfill the demand of nearly one million Oregonians, who will want the Real ID option, DMV would have to issue 32 licenses a second every business day from July to October. That’s just not possible. 

Until you get a new real ID driver's license you won't be able to board a plane unless you have an alternative real ID.  There is a fast work around that you can take care of now.  Obtain or renew your passport!   A passport will be an acceptable form of real ID.  The cost is similar to getting a new driver's license and if you apply now, you will have it before the October 1st 2020 deadline when real ID requirement goes into effect.  You can apply now at one of over 76 acceptance sites across Oregon. To find out more, visit https://www.oregon.gov/realid.

If you don’t have a Real ID compliant form of ID with you at the airport, TSA will put you through an alternate identity verification process that could take an hour or more, and you could miss your flight.

By the way, Washingtonians already have the option of getting a Real ID compliant driver license. If you are a Washington resident, go to https://id2020wa.com/ to find out more.
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