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Getting a Creditor to Report That You Paid or Satisfied a Judgment Against You!

Judgments can be entered against you for debts you owe and even if you have paid the Judgment it can still show up in public records as owing. The court needs to enter a document which states that the Judgment has been satisfied.  Otherwise this will still be reported as a Judgment that is owed and will adversely effect your ability to apply for loans and get credit.

A creditor who has fully collected the Judgment has a duty to file a Satisfaction of Judgment with the court under Oregon Law.   Not all creditors understand this duty, especially creditors like ex-spouses who are not professionals.

There does not appear to be an obligation to file a partial satisfaction of Judgment but you can ask for this to be done.  You might want to do this in a situation where you have been ordered to pay spousal support and/or child support which are essentially new amounts due every month and a payment that satisfies the part of the Judgment that came due the prior month. 

ORS 18.225 provides:

When the money award portion of a judgment has been fully satisfied, the judgment creditor must: 

 (a) File a satisfaction document for the full amount of the money award portion of the judgment in the county in which the judgment was entered; and

 (b) Deliver to the judgment debtor a satisfaction document for the full amount of the money award portion of the judgment for every county in which the judgment has been recorded under ORS 18.152 (Establishing judgment liens in other counties).


When a Judgment Creditor fails to file the satisfaction of Judgment with the court,  the Judgment Debtor can file a motion with the court to ask the court to issue a satisfaction of judgment pursuant to ORS 18.235.  https://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/18.235.   If the court finds that the Creditor's failure was "willful"  the court can also award Attorney's Fees.  There are additional rules if the Judgment involves support.  Get an Attorney to help you with this!

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