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2016 Oregon Primary Election

Important deadlines for declaring your party affiliation for Oregon's May 17th Primary Election!

Remember Oregonians, you have to both be registered to vote AND have declared your affiliation with the party whose candidate you want to vote for at least 21 days before the election that you plan to vote in.  It is important to make sure that you have completed both steps correctly.  This means that for the May 17, 2016 Oregon Primary you must have your registration completed and submitted and your party affiliation declared BY APRIL 26th 2016!  You can update your voter information and your party affiliation quickly and easily on line if you have an Oregon Driver's License or an Oregon DMV identification card.   If you do not have a valid Oregon Driver's license or DMV issued ID care, you may still be able to register by mailYou will find more information and mail in forms by going to the links below.  Alternatively, you can use the online links below just to check and make sure you are registered and all your information is correct.

Click here to go to the page with Oregon voter registration information

The importance of declaring your party affiliation:  In a primary election you can only vote for the candidates listed as running for your declared political party.  So if you are an independent, libertarian, or non-declared voter, and you like the philosophy of someone like who is running for another party, say Republican or Democrat, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CAST A VOTE TO HELP THE CANDIDATE YOU LIKE IF YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED FOR THAT CANDIDATE'S POLITICAL PARTY!

Unlike the general election when you can vote for any candidate on the ballot, your options in a primary election are limited to the candidates that your declared party is supporting.  It is important that you understand this and make sure your declared party corresponds to the candidate that is your top pick.  If you don't support your candidate during the primary, they may not be an option for you on the general ballot in November.

In order to be eligible to vote in a particular election your registration and/or change of party affiliation must take effect at least 21 days before the election that you want to vote in.  So for the next election in Oregon, the May 17th primaries, you must register and declare your preferred party affiliation by April 26th 2016.
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