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2012 Oregon Election Candidate endorsements

Oregon's 2012 November Election - a word to my Oregon Friends on local candidates who deserve your support:

As an attorney and a member of the pro-consumer pro-Plaintiff group, OTLA (Oregon Trial Lawyers Association) I want to give you some information on Oregon candidates that both OTLA and I support because we believe they will best protect the average citizen, their rights, and needed legislative reforms that further protect individual rights. 

Kate Brown is the incumbent Secretary of State, who is running for reelection. Before she was elected to be the Secretary of State, she was the leader of the Democrats in the Oregon Senate where her training and back ground as a lawyer made her very effective in understanding and guiding legislative initiatives. The Secretary of State runs the Audit Division, the Corporations Division and the Elections Division. During her tenure, the Audit Division has identified millions of dollars in savings for the State, and has also identified programs that work well. As head of the Elections Division she has protected Oregon's unique vote by mail process. In Oregon, we have one of the highest voter participation rates in the nation, and our system is uniquely free of fraud. She is a firm advocate of individual freedoms and rights and very proficient at her job. We are concerned that her opponent does not have the experience nor the grounded views of protecting individual rights that the job requires. We need to keep her here.

Brad Avakian is running for reelection as the Labor Commissioner. He is a Democrat and was a plaintiff's lawyer before he was Labor Commissioner. The Labor Commissioner enforces Oregon's employment laws. Avakian has strengthened enforcement of Oregon's Labor laws, and he has strengthened Oregon's apprenticeship programs. He is fully committed to protecting Oregon jobs and Oregon workers. We are concerned that his opponent will undermine the enforcement of Oregon's laws that protect workers. This is a non-partisan position so the candidates political party associations are not going to be listed. However it is important for you to know that he values keeping and maintaining protections for our workers.

Dick Baldwin is running for the Supreme Court. Dick has been a trial judge, Director of Litigation for Legal Aid, and a plaintiff's lawyer. He believes strongly in the rule of law. He believes that our system of justice should be open to everyone, and should protect everyone, not just the rich and powerful. He is experienced, fair and very smart. His opponent, Nena Cook, has not dedicated her career as a Plaintiff’s advocate and has limited volunteer experience as a Judge. She may be a contender for a future position after she has some more experience at the trial court level as a Judge. But for this election, here and now, Dick Baldwin is the best choice
Jim Egan is running for a seat on the Court of Appeals. Jim is a Republican who is dedicated to the same principles that OTLA supports, having championed the rights of workers when he was in private practice as a lawyer. He is also a Captain in the Marine Reserves, and served in Iraq and an experienced trial judge. He is fully committed to the principles of fairness and justice for all, regardless of the wealth and power.

Joanne Reisman
Attorney at Law

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