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Affordable Legal Services

For years "Affordable Legal Services", established in 1989, was my sole business name.   In the year 2000 I acquired the domain name "PortlandLegalServices.com" and also acquired the business name "Portland Legal Services".   I continue to own and operate "Affordable Legal Services" as a separate business entity.

It has always been my goal to offer affordable, low cost, legal services whenever possible and this continues to be my goal.  I do not have any outside funding or donations which allow me to offer subsidized legal services similar to publicly funded or charitable organizations.  I still try to provide all my clients with cost saving ideas and will often steer my clients toward a lower cost solution if there is one.  Unfortunately, some problems just don't have low cost solutions. 

For some types of services, like Wills, Trusts, Bankruptcies, Prenuptial Agreements, Real Estate Deeds, and simple Contracts, I can offer clients a fixed flat rate fee so there are no surprises.  You will pay for an office consultation and once I know what the situation involves and what you want, I can quote you a flat fixed fee for the service you need.  I may be able to give you several fee options to choose from.

Personal Injury cases and Automobile Accident cases can often be handled on a contingent fee basis. This means that the client pays no money for the Attorney Fees regardless of how the case turns out.  The attorney will get paid a fee out of the total recovery, usually based on a percentage.  The client may still be responsible for expenses and in risky case the client may be asked to advance funds for the case expenses.

There are ways to avoid or reduce the cost of a probate.  Often I can find ways to transfer the property of a decedent to their heirs without a probate.  You may qualify for filing a small estate affidavit which I can do for you for a low flat rate.  Of course, one way to make sure your heirs don't get faced with the cost of probate, is to plan ahead, something I am always happy to help you do.

In probate cases, elder law cases, guardianship cases, and conservatorships, all or most of the attorney's fee can usually be paid out of the assets of the decedent or out of the protected person's estate.  There may need to be a deposit from the client to get the process started.

While domestic relations or family law cases (Divorce, Custody, Parenting Time, Paternity) are usually handled on an hourly fee basis, I do offer a one time, extended consultation, where I can assist you with filling out your own forms and counsel you on whether or not it is a good idea to try to save money by filing your own documents.   This is a great solution for divorces where the marriage was of short duration or where, despite a longer marriage, there isn't much to divide up.  This can also be a good way to get help preparing documents to file to establish or modify custody, to set up or change a parenting time plan or establish or modify child support in a case where you don't expect there to be objections.

For other matters such as Real Estate, Business Matters, and Litigation, the service will most likely have to be done on an hourly fee basis.  Protracted battles, especially when court litigation is involved, can quickly escalate in cost.  The client's goals and budget need to be discussed and realistic expectations need to be set before these cases are undertaken.

Want to find out what my low cost ideas are for your legal problem?  It is always free to fill out and send in my Case Evaluation Form to see if I may have a low cost solution for your legal problem.  

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