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Portland Legal Services has been Providing Legal Services for Individuals, Families and Small Businesses in the Portland Oregon Tri-County area for over 33 years.

Oregon Coast - Portland Legal Services can help solve life's complicated Legal Problems! Problems involving Divorce, Family Law, Custody, Paternity, Prenuptial Agreements, Bankruptcy (Chapter 7), Probate, Wills, Trusts, Guardianships, Conservatorships, Elder Law, Real Estate, Automobile Accidents, Personal Injury, Business Matters, Contract Issues and Litigation We cover all the legal areas listed below because life is complicated!  Most legal problems involve more than one area of the law. Think Portland Legal Services when you need answers to life's difficult questions!
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Sí Habla Español:(All services offered in Spanish and English)

Legal Services Include:
  • Bankruptcy - Specializing in Chapter 7
  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Trusts (including Revocable Living Trusts and Special Needs Trusts)
  • Elder Law (Medicaid Planning)
  • Personal Injury and Automobile Accidents
  • Probate
  • Guardianships
  • Conservatorships
  • Real Estate
  • Contract and Small Business Matters
  • Family Law
  • Divorce
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Custody
  • Parenting Time
  • Civil Litigation

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Portland Legal Services, helping Oregonians find solutions to life's complicated problems for over 33 years.  Help with Divorce, Family Law, Custody, Paternity, Prenuptial Agreements, Bankruptcy (Chapter 7), Probate, Wills, Trusts, Guardianships, Conservatorships, Elder Law, Real Estate, Automobile Accidents, Personal Injury, Business Matters, Contract Issues and Litigation You may also call or email Portland Legal Services. All new clients are required to first complete and submit the Case Evaluation Form:
E-mail:  JoanneReisman@PortlandLegalServices.com
or call: 503-222-7401

What clients are saying:
R B. (San Fransisco, CA) January 3, 2018: I also contacted Joanne through a free service.  I had missed a phone hearing and wasn't sure if I needed the services of an attorney.  Joanne took the time to go over my situation thoroughly and promptly.  I was extremely impressed in her knowledge and honesty.  She was detailed in her emails and obviously put a considerable amount of thought into my situation to recommend the best course of action.  She will be the first attorney that I will recommend for any family law matters.

Gwen V. (Torrance California) April 18, 2017: I contacted Joanne through a free service and she went out of her way to be very thorough and explained everything to me.  I was so amazed that she would take the time to read my story and respond to every question and even offer a referral since she was out of my area.  Very friendly and put my mind to ease regarding my legal problem.  Would highly recommend!

Glenn Y.: Portland, OR May 14, 2015: I have just received an e-mail from Miss Reisman having to do with an aggressive telephone contact with a collection agency on a credit card debt I am unable to pay. At 80 years of age and in remission with two cancers, I am not exactly what you would call a prime candidate for re-entry into any job market. So it's clear, what with only SS, that I'm unable, but would gladly be able absent health and age problems, to fulfill my obligation to pay off the debt.     Miss Reisman seemed optimistic that a small trailer that I live in -- which is rightfully an efficiency apartment and hardly "recreational" -- might be exempt from being taken. Just from the content of Miss Reisman's e-mail alone I now rest easier since I really don't know how long I will remain in remission. Unfortunately, my remission is with two cancers, one, I suspect, from too much radiation.     Don't have me gush over the fact that someone of Miss Reisman's stature has taken the time to comfort someone less fortunate!

Nikki D.  Portland, OR 7/3/2012: I was very fortunate to stumble across Joanne Reisman with Portland Legal Services.   I needed assistance with an Oregon matter, but was out of state at the time.  Luckily for me I found someone who was very trustworthy and dependable and who went out of her way to talk to me, understand the situation, and then assist me with ensuring the documentation I needed was completed.   Thanks for your assistance.  Nikki

E B. Portland, OR 5/2/2012: Guardian Angel! I cant recommend Joanne Reisman enough, she saved my life! I went through some really tough legal situations this year and she was there for me every step of the way - from preparing, to making informed decisions, to standing next to me (with the help of a cane because she had hurt her back and could barely walk!) at court. She always called to check on me, returned my calls and emails promptly - really cared about ME and the process I was going through. If you need help this is your attorney! Shes tough, smart, loving, and straight up!

D J. Portland, OR 4/6/2012: We were really upset about having to file Bankruptcy and had worked hard to avoid it.  After going in to meet with Joanne Reisman at Portland Legal Services, we felt so much more at peace with the idea and actually saw a way to get through it.  Joanne sat with us and discussed the reality of our situation, gave us educated and solid advice, and NEVER made us feel bad about it.  Joanne has an extremely detailed understanding of the most current Bankruptcy and Real Estate laws, and a ton of experience in both areas.  For us, filing Bankruptcy was a personal disaster and very scary.  Joanne calmly guided us through the many different parts of what was to become an extremely successful Bankruptcy.  She worked evening hours when needed and made sure we didn't miss a single deadline or detail.  Oddly, Bankruptcy was one of the best decisions we've made in recent years and without Joanne, I can only imagine the nightmare it could have been.  Thank you Joanne!

Stevyn T.: Portland, OR 5/29/2012: If you are in an accident, call an attorney right away. I can recommend this attorney for the timely advice she gave me immediately. And she dealt with the insurance company, saving me a lot of stress, and certainly got me a better settlement than I could have ever hoped for on my own.

A Google User reviewed 7 months ago Overall 3 / 3: Needed a will prepared quickly as well as advice on estate planning. Joanne Reisman gave 5-star service at very reasonable legal rates.

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